About Us

A History of Leading the Chocolate and Confectionery Industry

Tomric Systems, Inc. began making plastic candy moulds for chocolate makers under the Tomric Plastics brand name in 1962. Since its founding, we’ve been a pioneer and leader in the manufacture and sales of chocolate moulds, and our expertise in thermo-forming plastic has directly translated into the design, development and production of plastic tray packaging.

No Other US Company Can Match the Breadth of Our Experience

Over the years we evolved from simply manufacturing high-quality chocolate moulds to providing plastic packaging and insert trays, as well as distributing European candy moulds and hi-tech confectionery equipment. This allows us to deliver complete systems to the confectionery and baking industries at all levels worldwide.

Our goal is to become the industry’s single-source solution for both large scale producers and professional chocolatiers. We have assembled an in-house culinary team to train and educate our customers on the use of our products. This approach offers our customers an opportunity to work more efficiently and to achieve their professional chocolate making goals more successfully.

We’re Here When You Need Us

Whether you’re ready to start a new project, or just want to ask us more about our capabilities, contact us to see how we can help.

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