A Small Tray with a Big Job

Chocolate Mints Plastic Tray

Maximum Cavity Volume from Thin Gauge Plastic

custom plastic cookie packagingThis thin gauge OPS brown tray maximizes the amount of available volume in order to fit in a long, narrow outer carton. The side edges are optimized to be as minimal as possible while still maintaining the necessary rigidity and strength necessary to protect the product.

The side walls of each cavity feature ridges that add stability and strength, while the entire tray is flanked with a pair thumb slots, allowing the consumer to easily remove the confections inside. Additionally, the ends of the tray feature slides, which helps facilitate loading on an automatic cartoning line.


  • Side ridges add strength to thin gauge plastic
  • Thumb slots allow easy removal of product
  • Side slides facilitate loading on automatic cartoning line
  • Optimized tray volume reduces the size of the outside carton

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